Deep Green Futures Board Officers

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster - Chairman of the Board & Executive Producer - Content
We project content of 1,144 shows, daily, weekly, specials and made for TV movies.  
All content will be presented with audience interactivity with mass media.  


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Brock d'Avignon - President & Director for Percentage-As-You-Earn Finance & Finansurance.
      Participatory Entertainment & Academia in Human Investments  
Founder of PhoneVoter TV Networks with audience tallies, pledges, and purchases.  
A pioneer in converging personal media with major media and participatory tourism venues, including Universal Studios, real prototype communities of tomorrow, and a studio star development system based on graduates' percentage-of-income repayment for media training.

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Christopher K. Boehr - Chief Technology Officer 

    Assists all producers with multiple inputs by individual audience members and multiple video outputs across all platforms. 

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David Lincoln  -  Freedom TV Networks, Environmental, and Sustainability Consultant. 

    Dave is the originator and research head for Lincoln's Risk-Registry, Ratings & Relief and supplies data for all shows requiring data and consulting in the areas carried out through Lincoln's.
    His work knits together our shows designed to let local people get the local information needed to defend their communities against polluters.  This includes integrating action with a redesign of our present infrastructures with insurance and accountability.  
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David Pratt Demarest - David is handling oversight for our technology and apps and is the founder of Road to Freedom Foundation and a long-time programmer, former Global Application Steward at First Data, and former owner and manager of NxLevel, Inc, a database application development firm. A successful entrepreneur in his own right who fosters serial entrepreneurism, Demarest is the founder and owner of Roads to Freedom Foundation, LLC, a for-profit corporation formed to grow the entrepreneur-consumer-driven market voluntary sector at the expense of the coercive statist sector by inspiring and training serial entrepreneurs whose innovative startups will out-compete coercive sector social services and bring them back into the voluntary sector where they belong.  MORE