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           Humanity is not just headed for disaster  - we have arrived. 
      You know this.  Every time something happens around the world you receive pleas for donations in your Email box - but are the problems solved? 

       They are not.  But they could be - and you can be part of the solution.  Now.  We need to rebuild the world, the human world and this means starting with the most basic thing, our own infrastructure.  The homes we live in, the businesses where we work, the roads, bridges, overpasses, culverts, dams and more which are now failing.  Our mission is to provide you with the Road to a Sustainable World, starting with what is now failing all of us.  

Dedicated to
Arthur C. Pillsbury

Changing Humanity's Relationship with Earth

     The need to go sustainable in every part of our lives has become more tangible and compelling every year.  But there is a systemic failure to use these in ways that address the core problems.  
     These are very human oversights which are leaving millions in danger to the rapid change brought on by climate change.                 This is where Deep Green Futures comes in.    
      Utilizing Interactive television we are ramping up to convey the urgency of the need for moving to sustainable, fire-proof, hydrophobic, long-lasting and affordable alternatives for housing, business, and infrastructure.  
     Today,  the multiple approaches and technologies have become bogged down in niches which are failing to work with the urgency of the need to ensure the well being and safety of diverse communities around the world.   
      Deep Green Futures is here to connect the dots and help those who have poured their lives and creativity into these nascent industries, filling in the need to educate and sell their technologies.  

      This website will be up and completely functioning before March 1st.  We are reaching out to builders, suppliers of materials, academia, the entertainment industry and the green community to come together and prevent disasters.  

      Videos are going up rapidly as we work on global competitions to solve these problems using the free-market along with the amazing ingenuity so many have demonstrated.  
       Despite all of the contention between groups about why the climate in both hemispheres are changing, becoming hotter, our focus is on providing the means for us, humanity, to end our impact while continuing to grow in understanding and   prosperity.  

       The Earth will change and we must change with her.  This is Adjustment to Climate Change.  Most people either do not believe this is taking place or escribe it only to human causes.  While humanity has caused enormous changes other causes must also be taken into account.  
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Changing Our View of Ourselves and the Earth

Going Deep Green is a journey requiring us to examine how we live now and make changes which end the impact on our world.   At every point we need to be conscious of what can be done to eliminate the cycle of use which ends in the demand for more energy and materials which are used at every step for fulfilling our preceived needs.  have limited longevity and cannot be sustainably recycled. 

                                           HUMAN TOOLS FOR REDUCING RISK TO LIFE AND PROPERTY

                                           HUMAN TOOLS WHICH ACCOUNT FOR THE UPS AND DOWNS IN OUR LIVES

This will happen without returning to a hunting-gathering culture.  It does require a transition but as we take these steps you will likely find that you gain more time for those things which matter most in life.  This transition requires two distinct steps. 

First, examining existing infrastructure for undisclosed impact, risk and liability for damage to lives and property.  Second, identifying and moving to alternatives. 

The longevity of materials used, direct production of foods, pre-planned modification for advances in technologies, optimizing and localizing the use and production of energy, these are some of the issues we will be taking up here.  

These are practical questions requiring technologies which improve human life on Earth as we work toward sustainable ways of living.   The means exist our mission is growing awareness of the benefits while creating an economy which is also - sustainable.  

Sustainable Economy
Risk & Liability
How we build, how we handle risk and the potential for liability for failing to use the technologies which limit these costs impact us as people and also impact our economies around the world. 

Deep Green Futures works with Lincoln's Risk-Registry, Ratings & Relief to ensure the industries which are vulnerable to the cost of disasters understand these and take the necessary steps to mitigate the dangers.  This includes investing in technologies which lower the risks to life and property.   

Lincoln's Risk-Registry is now coming on line and will be making options available to the industries, including insurance, investments and more, who we can expect to be impacted.  

Lincoln's Risk-Registry, Ratings & Relief, headed by David Lincoln, a close relation of Abraham Lincoln, has been seeped in advocating for the Environment all of his life.  
   Risk and Liability with real accountability are essentials for correcting the allocation of resources and use of materials.  The Lincoln's site is going up now and will reach out to the financial markets, insurance and industry with us.